Saturday, February 02, 2013

The irrepressible urging - In Germany: "Leftists demand 100% tax on the rich."  Naturally, this idea was floated by the New York Times a year ago.


On our doorstep said...

And all that party has to do is quintuple its support, and their 100% tax rhetoric will become a reality. Now, can we discuss the repeal of the Civil Rights Act under President Ron Paul?

Eric said...

Yeah, who would elect a candidate with the infantile position of "that kid has more toys than you."?

Ich bein Ayn's Berliner said...

Germany's Left Party is a remnant of East German politics, and their voters are largely socialist senior citizens from the other side of the wall, when there was a wall. It's safe to wait until the Left Party puts some space between their electoral polling strength and our U.S. Congress' current approval rating before breaking out the fainting couch.

If there's any U.S. takeaway from this, which is doubtful, it's that austerity has hammered the German economy and provoked what would be an equally foolish political overreaction, rhetorical and doomed though it may be. But I'll bet that's not the takeaway conservatives are going to take away.