Saturday, February 02, 2013

America's demographic decline

In the socialistic "Life of Julia" system, there needs to be a steady, expanding supply of workers to fund the benefits doled out by the State.  We're at the tipping point where there is a huge number of "takers" and a shrinking supply of "makers".  From Opinion Journal: "America's Baby Bust":
There has been a great deal of political talk in recent years about whether America, once regarded as the shining city on a hill, is in decline. But decline isn't about whether Democrats or Republicans hold power; it isn't about political ideology at all. At its most basic, it's about the sustainability of human capital. Whether Barack Obama or Mitt Romney took the oath of office last month, we would still be declining in the most important sense—demographically. It is what drives everything else.
If our fertility rate were higher—say 2.5, or even 2.2—many of our problems would be a lot more manageable. But our fertility rate isn't going up any time soon. In fact, it's probably heading lower. Much lower.
Of course, it's heresy to suggest we reform entitlement systems borne out of a completely different era.  As George Will recently put it, this country is on track to be "an assisted living home with an army."

Extra - Zero Hedge: "Japan's demographic disaster."  The main difference between "decline" and "disaster" is that Japan has very low immigration rates.


Lightwave said...

An army of takers voting for Daddy Obamee.

Dimbulb said...

"Takers" totally rhymes with "makers." Well, that's my thinking done for the week.