Saturday, February 09, 2013

Reminder: this is Obama's sequester - The Corner: "GOP leaders wield unlikely weapon against Obama: Bob Woodward."


All the Precedents? Meh. said...

Bob Woodward has been a Republican since the 1960s, well before he joined the Washington Post. What an unlikely weapon!

It's always a hoot when the GOP takes a break from denouncing the monolithic "liberal media" to hail a specific example of it that they like, and cite it as proof for their position. "Yet another leftwing hack in the tank for The One... but today, he agrees with me!" Fortunately, Obamacare covers whiplash.

Eric said...

I had no idea Woodward is a Republican and the media whiplash is due to those rare occasions when objectivity and facts can break through their bias. Someday they'll report on the drone strikes with the same intensity they did for Bush firing attorneys general.

That said, how about that Obama sequester which Obama proposed. Because sequestration was his idea. And, in fact, he warned that the sequester (his sequester) would not be bypassed.

Obviously, he didn't expect the GOP to say "OK." To his sequester.

Huuuuuuuuge said...

Yeah, boy, that #obamaquester is going to be a massive game-changer. It has the potential to turn into another "you didn't build that" or a Solyndra... or conceivably (fingers crossed here) another Jeremiah Wright.

And after the public rallies behind the GOP, forget House seats - the Democrats will be lucky to be permitted up in the visitors' gallery.

Eric said...

Well, we know that nothing is ever Obama's fault.

I hope Steve Kroft can clear his schedule.

Anonymous said...

Obama would love to get a gentle hand job on the Sunday morning panel shows, but John McCain and Lindsey Graham have all of the appointments booked solid for the next 17 years.

Bob Woodward Update said...

The accuracy of Bob Woodward's assessment, two and a half weeks later, via the immortal words of Rick Perry:


In Woodward's defense, his thinking may have been clouded. He was probably frozen with fear after those terrifying Chicago-style threats.

Tsk tsk said...

The Daily Caller: "Bob Woodward trolled us and we got played."