Sunday, August 19, 2012

Uncle Choo-choo is cuckoo - Hot Air: "Boston Globe: Biden's "chains" remark sign of tiresome double standard for Democrats."

Yet this will be the first and last note of outrage from the national media which just dismisses our demented Veep as "Crazy Joe."  A heartbeat away.


Saddle up, Outrage! We're ridin' again! said...

Nothing better this week than VP concern trolling from supporters of Dick Cheney.

I believe Joe Biden will be greeted as a orator.

Democrats want the South to seceede...again said...

But Democratic concern trolling over a Repug who has weird ideas about rape and pregnancy is A-OK.

Of course Democratic politicians don't want to see their black constitutents enslaved by Republicans, literally or, the Democratics are quite comfortable with the virtual enslavement they have done.

Concern trolling said...

"Concern trolling" is not a synonym for sayin' bad stuff, or getting mad. It's a specific and phony type of behavior.

Democrats are delighted with the timing of Akin's comments... the only way they'd have liked the remarks better is if they'd come at 5:01 PM tomorrow, one minute after the legal deadline to get off the Missouri ballot.

It's Republicans who are floating suggestions that Akin back out of the race. But that's not concern trolling, either, since their fear of not taking the Senate is totally genuine.

You want A+ concern trolling, check out the various Drudge Report links he keeps putting up on the likelihood and mechanics of President Obama dumping Joe Biden from the ticket. How to dump him, why he should dump him, who he should replace Joe with after dumping him, when he needs to have dumped him by... Matt Drudge is just being ever so helpful!