Thursday, August 16, 2012

God bless 'em - Obama says: "I'm with stupid."


Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, that game-changing Paul Ryan bump was fun while it lasted...

Eric said...

Are you the same Anonymous who said it wouldn't change anything in Wisconsin?

Other Anonymous said...

Whoa, batten down the hatches, that Wisconsin polling average has plunged from a 5.8% lead for Obama to just 5%.

If Romney can just name Paul Ryan as his running mate six more times, the state becomes a toss-up. Or maybe Ryan could claim exhaustion and step down in favor of Brett Favre.

If a bump falls in the forest... said...

Nate Silver, 538/Times:
"It’s a bad sign for Mr. Romney that Mr. Ryan has produced a below-average bounce so far... from what we can tell, most other candidates have gotten larger bounces after naming their running mates."

"Mitt Romney's standing in the presidential election campaign has not changed materially in the immediate days after his announcement... the lack of an immediate increase for Romney is consistent with Sunday's USA Today/Gallup poll that found a generally tepid reaction to the Ryan pick, especially in comparison to past vice-presidential choices."

Huffington Post:
"If the selection of Rep. Paul Ryan...has produced a "bump" for the GOP ticket, it is somewhere between small and non-existent... with net gains for Romney in four polls and for Obama in two."

RealClear Politics national tracking numbers:
July 30: Obama 49.9, Romney 45.1
August 2: Obama 47.4, Romney 44.4
August 5: Obama 47.4, Romney 44.6
August 8: Obama 47.8, Romney 43.9
August 11: Obama 48.0, Romney 43.4 (the day of the announcement)
August 12: Obama 47.7, Romney 43.0
August 13: Obama 47.2, Romney 44.2
August 15: Obama 47.2, Romney 44.2
August 16: Obama 47.3, Romney 43.8
August 17: Obama 47.7, Romney 43.8

Roger Bournival said...

There's only one poll that matters, the one on November 6th...

Trust your sixth sense said...

Yeah! There'll be a super surprise twist at the end, and the Republicans will WIN! Mitt Romney is Keyser Sose!