Wednesday, August 08, 2012

The pursuit of happiness* (maximum: $5 million)

The latest brilliant idea in class warfare?  A maximum income.  You can make up to $5 million dollars but then everything above that is taxed at 99%.

[phone rings]
"Mr. Spielberg?  It's the studio.  Great news!  They've green-lighted "Jaws 5: The Revenge of Bruce."
"I don't know, Jennifer, my accountant says that I'm already up to $4.3 million for the fiscal year and I'm still pulling in merchandising cash from Tintin."
"But Mr. Spielberg, a movie would give jobs to hundreds of Hollywood phonies from actors to writers to set builders."
"Well, OK, but we need to find a lead who's under the limit.  [snaps fingers] Get me Tom Arnold!"

And scene.

Extra - Vodkapundit: "An idea whose time has come."


Oh, Calm Down said...

The blogosphere is the only place where the writings of Hamilton Nolan are noticed or discussed.

The heck with it, let's get pumped up anyway...those darned libs with their 99% tax rates!

Stupid objectivist reality! said...

When Ayn Rand wrote and published "Atlas Shrugged" in 1956-57, the top tax rate was 91%. Makes you wonder why she bothered.