Sunday, August 12, 2012

Say anything - George Will: "Obama’s desperate flailing about to justify four more years has sunk into such unhinged smarminess that Romney may have concluded: There is nothing Obama won’t say about me, because he has nothing to say for himself, so I will chose a running mate whose seriousness about large problems and ideas underscores what the president has become — silly and small."


Nigel Tufnel said...

That article speaks reverently of Barry Goldwater's run for President. Good luck emulating that.

Will sets up the quote with "Romney may have..." followed by made up thoughts on the part of Romney, which include an accusation that Obama just makes up stuff.

A variation on the tried and true "Some say..." technique.

Of course, Mitt would never stretch the taffy or say something misleading about his opponents on the campaign trail. Most improper, don't you know.

"I think we know with reasonable certainty that standing up there on the West front of the Capitol on January 20, 2013 will be one of three people: Obama, Pawlenty and Daniels. I think that’s it." said...

This column is real trouble for Obama, because George Will is our greatest living political prophet and his knack for being correct is unsurpassed.

George Will is living, isn't he?