Tuesday, August 28, 2012

First and Main

NPR has been running a series of "man on the street" interviews with voters across the nation.  Last week, a restaurant owner in Wisconsin pretty much said she won't be hiring: "Wisconsin business owner relates to Romney's resume"
When it comes to the federal health care law passed under Obama, Wendt says she's not sure how it will affect her yet, since it hasn't been fully implemented.
"But, well, it won't be good," she says. "It'll cost more. Supposedly with a small business, if you have over 50 employees, then you need to do something — it'll affect those. I don't have 50 yet, I have 46, but you know what, I won't get 50. You know what I mean? If it means I'm going to have to pay. And a lot of small businesses just won't hire anybody else."
What a heartless woman.  Meanwhile, the Gang that Couldn't Shoot Straight have rolled out a new ad with an "independent" businesswoman from Massachusetts whose catering gig grew to a $3 million business under Romney's business-crushing years as governor.


Who would you rather have a beer with: 49-employee ceiling lady, or Bay State caterer? said...

I think all federal policy should be based on the gripping personal stories of the prop invitees sitting near the First Lady in the balcony during the State of the Union.

Eric said...

Like Graeme Frost or Sandra Fluke?

Nigel Tufnel said...

Romney destroyed business in Massachusetts because he passed his anti-American socialist universal health care law whilst governor.

Some say if it weren't for Romney's euro-socialist agenda the unemployment rate in the Bay State might be even lower(er) than the national average.

Bram said...

That is the deal in France. Don't cross the 49-employee limit, or else...


Rubberglue said...

Like Graeme Frost or Sandra Fluke?

Translation: Your anecdotes are cheap and manipulative! Our anecdotes are symptomatic and revealing!