Monday, August 13, 2012

It's sitting in the do-nothing Senate - Gateway Pundit: "Obama slams Paul Ryan for not passing farm bill he passed two weeks ago."  Let's be fair: should a President know the status of a farm bill before visiting Iowa?  That sounds like homework.


Nigel Tufnel said...

The "Farm Bill" is a broad piece of legislation that sets policies that have a major impact on the entire industry.

The "Farm Bill" was not passed.

House Republicans knew their proposed short-term drought relief bill was dead on arrival in the Senate, but they passed it anyway.

Some might say there may have been a political motive behind this.


“The plan almost certainly won’t become law, given opposition by President Barack Obama and Senate Democrats, but both parties say it will help frame the campaign for the White House and control of Congress. Each side is counting on the November election to give them an upper hand in the debate.

The vote was 228-191, with all Democrats and 10 Republicans opposing the GOP budget.”


"While the most recently enacted farm bill will not expire until next month, disaster relief that would have helped some livestock producers cope with the high costs of feed and fodder lapsed last week. And with big disagreements in Congress over proposals to overhaul insurance and other provisions, farmers are finding it difficult to plan for any recovery in the next growing season.

Farm policy bills, which typically come up for renewal every five years, are usually built to attract bipartisan support by combining subsidies for farmers with allotments for food stamps and other nutrition programs that appeal to urban lawmakers.

But in a dynamic that has roiled the 112th Congress, this year’s farm bill was unlike any before it. While the House Agriculture Committee signed off on a measure, its substantial cuts to food programs alienated too many Democrats. And its cuts to those programs, as well as to some forms of farm aid, were not enough to appease the chamber’s most conservative members.

Republican leaders were unable to muster enough support for even a one-year extension of the law and instead passed a short-term drought-relief measure, the first time the House has failed to bring its own farm bill to the floor. The Senate, which had passed its own version by a healthy bipartisan margin, declined to take up the short-term House bill, and Congress left town in a stalemate. "

The do-something House said...

I can't believe we're still talking about Obamacare, either, since the House has repealed it 748 times.

TMLutas said...

Nigel Tufnel - So the President is upset that the House passed the essential, important stuff instead of the logrolling monstrosity that farm bills usually are. The Senate won't take it up because without the important goodies, the rest of the stinking mass of crud won't pass.

And this is an argument against the House strategy? Really?

Nigel Tufnel said...

It's a response to the assertion that Obama was wrong when he said the farm bill wasn't passed. That incorrect assertion was used as the basis to further claim Obama didn't do his homework. Therefore the point is without logical basis.

You can choose to believe that House Republicans put forth their short-term relief bill for humanitarian reasons, even though it didn't stand a chance of getting passed, because it would have undercut the bipartisan work already completed.

Nigel avoids debates on matters of faith.

Anonymous said...

As always:
Show votes are easy. Governing is hard.