Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The jig is up! - Big Think: "Majority of Americas agree with Perry that Social Security is a lie." To be specific, a wide majority of younger voters don't believe they'll see dollar-one of their Social Security benefits.


Bram said...

I think I will see a few bucks worth of SS someday. I also believe I'll pay in $10 for every dollar I see.

Ida Fuller said...

Polls also demonstrate wide support among all groups for raising the payroll cap on Social Security, which would ensure dollar-one, dollar-two and dollar-last for the remainder of the century. Zip, zip! Two polling problems solved in one shot.

The Mad Max blood-in-the-streets armageddon scenario is $3.08 for every $4 you've paid - a fiscal apocalypse that can be averted in one of several different ways and certainly will be. (Example: see above.)

Bram said...

$3.08 for $4? How long do I have to live to get that fantastic deal? Obviously well past 65.

I'm paying the government to save my money for me because you like being treated like a child so we should all play along.

Eric said...

Ida: simple question. If we raise or eliminate the payroll cap on taxes, will we also raise the benefits for Bill Gates and Paris Hilton? Will they get a big check when they retire, proportional to their contribution?

Or are we doing away with Social Security's "universality" and turning it into a welfare program?

It's one or the other.

Ida Fuller said...

Bram: Social Security isn't for you. It's for your society. Even Tarzan lived as part of a society. Also, have no fear: you'll be getting more than $3.08.

I'm not saying changing the payroll cap is the genius fix-all idea of all time. I'm just pointing out that it's a very popular idea. More popular, in fact, than the "I'll never see dollar-one" idea. Does that therefore make it a better idea?

Simple question for you: If you're going to cite polls that measure feelings independent of numerical facts, at which poll result are we supposed to draw the line?

It's easy when you happen to like the poll result... but not so obvious thereafter.

Eric said...

Hey, man, if you like raising the payroll cap, then go right ahead! Obama campaigned on this VERY fix to Social Security but never had time between 100+ fundraisers to even propose it to the Democrat-controlled Congress.

Raise the cap, raise the retirement age, raise the payroll tax. Eventually workers are going to figure out that they're getting a negative return on investment (even more negative after 2036) and they'll wonder why the government is taking all their money with a pinky-swear to pay it back.

Live by the popular tax cap raise today and die by the unpopular overall program tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Eventually workers are going to figure out

Says the guy who links to every "Everyone's wrong but me, explains Obama"/"Will the imperious one listen to the Times editorial board, or to the voters?" opinion column from the echo chamber.

Social Security has never dipped in popularity. But an epiphany is coming. It just HAS to be. Just like mad dogs, the way the country is going to turn against the program. It's been 75 years, but you can't rush these things.

Bram said...

Society would be far better off if all adults were treated as such.

Grow up. said...

If it's "adult" for comfortable people to whine without end about Social Security, which has damaged no one's standard of living while helping tens of millions, then I'm very pleased to say "Goo goo, ga ga."

S.S. Entitlements said...

"What a pleasant cruise we're having!"

Somebody on the Titanic 10 seconds before hitting the iceberg.

"Forget steering around icebergs, let's just take away the boat." said...

You mean that voyage where the rich people mostly lived and the poor ones mostly died? Astute comparison!