Thursday, August 25, 2011

The impersistence of memory

I was heading into the garage tonight to check the tire size on my wife's car, armed only with my cell phone, when it occurred to me: how will I remember the tire type? Well, I could take a picture of the sticker inside the driver's side door. Or I could speak into my cell phone: "P215 60R16" and then retrieve it later. Or I could send myself a text.

OR...I could just remember it for the twenty seconds it takes to get to a pen and paper. And that's what I did! Hooray for me and my big brain.


Lady Dada said...

Looking at the cell phone photo you did take, three of your car tires could use a little air.

Eric said...

Lady "Dada"? Brilliant.

I knew I attracted too many intelligent readers to be popular.

Bram said...

Or you could just go to and look it up.