Monday, April 04, 2011

That is one scary-ass graph

Paul Ryan lays out his "Path to Prosperity" with a graph that details "A choice of two futures." The status quo looks like a ski jump that ends somewhere around a debt level of 800% GDP, likely due to compounding interest.

Meanwhile, Democrat Chris Van Hollen tries his hand at stand-up comedy in this Hill article: "Dems 'likely' to offer budget alternative to Rep. Ryan's plan." Ha-ha, good one, Chris! Hey, do you know when would have been a good time to offer a budget plan? When you controlled the House of Representatives.

Can't wait to see the plan, Chris. Leadership!


The Path to Insincerity said...

You know what else is scary-ass? Boogeymen. Those dudes have big teeth and shiny red eyeballs.

Rep. Ryan's plan ignores the CBO estimates, and relies on fiscal projections that have been supplied by the Heritage Center for Data Analysis. That's a bit like buying smaller pants because you plan to go to the Michael Moore Weight Loss Clinic.

The GOP previously used the Heritage Foundation's analysis to accurately predict the debt-lowering, job-creating, income-raising effects that would result from passing the Bush tax cuts.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty skeptical of the green line too. Unfortunately, the red one is very believable.