Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Oh yeah, that other stuff

Here's Mickey Kaus:
When did everyone decide that it’s high gas prices that are hurting Obama? Seems crazy to me. He’s losing two out of three wars, the economy is flagging, and his signature domestic achievement is unpopular. So it must be the gas!
Don't forget President "Present"'s general lack of leadership on anything of consequence. Darn those oil companies!

Extra - If it's Tuesday, it must be time for Oprah and fundraisers. Golf can wait.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, he should just resign now and save GOP candidate Whoozit McWhatever the trouble of having to crush him next November.

Eric said...

Obama will clearly win with 54% of the vote: "46% of Americans say they 'definitely' won't vote for Obama in 2012"


Bram said...

The gas prices, the failed foriegn policy, the shrinking dollar, and the crap economy are related. Maybe the gas prices are waking people up to the rest of it.

Marcia O'Error said...

One-Term Obama is clearly thisclose to early retirement. The numbers are stark and undeniable. It's just like the April 2007 polling that accurately predicted President Guiliani's win over Hillary Clinton.