Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Swooning for Paul Ryan - Taking a cue from Power Line, the NY Times' David Brooks writes an absolute love letter for Ryan's "serious" budget proposal.

Here's some comedy gold: "Will [Obama] come up with his own counterproposal, or will he simply demagogue the issue by railing against "savage" Republican cuts and ignoring the long-term fiscal realities?" Take a wild guess.

Extra - Betsy's Page: "Time for the adults to take over."


Time out corner said...

Pssst! Here's a free life lesson. When you need to brag about being the grown-up adults... you're not!

Anonymous said...

Want some comedy - read the NYT comments.

Anonymous said...

Want some seriousness - read David Frum's comments.

"More surprising still, the debt reduction plan actually increases the debt over the medium term — by even more President Obama’s budget would. Ryan’s plan tries to minimize this awkward fact by inserting it within a chart on page 57 that portrays the deficit from 1960 to 2080, a long enough timeframe wherein the worsening of the deficit situation over the period from 2012 to 2021 seems to shrink into historic insignificance.

The real message of the Ryan plan is: Upper-income tax cuts now; spending cuts for the poor now; more deficits now; spending cuts for middle-income people much later; spending cuts for today’s elderly, never."


Who doesn't love prosperity! said...

Move over, Little Barry! Time for the adults to take over! Big Daddy Ryan's plan would require future Presidents to, quote, "restpre balance" to Social Security. Here is Paul Ryan's "serious" proposal:

“This budget builds upon the Commission’s work, forcing action to solve this pressing problem by requiring the President to put forward specific ideas on fixing Social Security.”

Yes, that really is as specific as Ryan gets. Finally, America has a brave and visionary leader who doesn't cop out with mealy-mouthed generalities, or duck the long-term fiscal realities. The Path to Prosperity is not Kabuki theater at all!