Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Nature abhors a vacuum

President Obama was in full pique today as he denounced the media and those crazy birthers (e.g. Donald Trump) for the whole birth certificate thing. As former CBO director Douglas Holtz-Eakin notes today, if MSNBC was keeping this story alive, it was because the President was doing nothing whatsoever to address the issues that Americans really care about:
The president’s first budget led to a debt spiral, but he excused it because of the financial and economic crisis. The president’s second budget led to a debt spiral, but he excused it because the Bowles-Simpson commission was going to fix it. The president’s third budget led to a debt spiral, but he whined that he had to do that because Republicans might criticize a real budget.

The comparison to the House budget was so shaming he was compelled to give a speech on a new "plan" to end the greatest threat facing this nation. But there was no plan. Just another speech. And today, more whining.
Today Obama said the birth certificate thing was a distraction from the real problems that the nation needs to address...except he won't. Now let's go visit Oprah.

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