Monday, April 04, 2011

Stupid college kids line up to embrace their destroyer

Heaven help me, I can't understand why these young whipper-snappers today give Obama the rockstar treatment every time he sets up his teleprompter in the student union. Take a look at his speech from the last time he announced his candidacy to understand how cynically he's broken every promise he ever made. If younger voters had inkling of an idea of what kind of future they're facing under this President's policies, they would boo Obama like Charlie Sheen in Detroit:
The national deficit is careening upward of $1.6 trillion this year, with a projected debt of $24 trillion by 2021. Those young people applauding Mr. Obama so heartily are the very ones with bull's-eyes on their backs for ruinous tax increases in their prime earning years. They also are going to find out that Social Security has been a huge Ponzi scheme, with them as the "marks."
Four more years! (That's the gap between graduating and finding a job for these kids.)


The road less traveled said...

You are absolutely right. This is the only way their stupidity ends: They graduate and get that first big paycheck, and while they look at all the deductions on the stub, they learn the true meaning of WTF - and it isn't "Winning the Future."

Bram said...

Funny how many people I know who were liberals until they hit the real world.