Tuesday, April 13, 2010

We did what now? - I guess Nancy Pelosi wasn't lying when she said "we have to pass the health care bill to know what's in it." Weekly Standard: "Oops...Congress won't even be able to keep the plans they have under Obamacare." Remember how Obama ridiculed Eric Cantor for displaying the 2,500 page bill (nobody read) at the health care summit? Good times.

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RIP Trees said...

We must be amazed by a man who's done the hard work of reading each of the 60 to 70,000 pages of law that the House has enacted since his election (plus the text of all the bills that did NOT pass). How does he find the time to also attend meetings, make statements, and hold up freedom props? God bless Eric Cantor. He is an American we can all be proud of, and not at all an insincere assclown.