Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Blog wars - Legal Insurrection: "Right-wing bloggers are rugged individualists; left-wing bloggers need hand-holding." Kumbaya.


Anonymous said...

"Sites on the left are echo-chambers in which like-minded individuals come together to tell each other how smart they are, in the comfort of a platform provided to them by ideological gurus (can you say Arianna, Markos and Jane) who lead these bloggers to pre-determined fundraising and political action while deluding the bloggers into thinking they are part of a grassroots movement so they can feel good about themselves. Right-wing bloggers, by contrast, exhibit the rugged individualism that built this country, defeated fascism and communism, and put men on the Moon."

Is this some sort if Stephen Colbert-like parody?

Nigel Tufnel said...

A slightly different perpective on putting a man on the moon, from a man who actually stood on the moon, Captain Alan Bean:

“The most important thing I learned in 18 years in NASA was how to be a good team member,” he said. “When we were practicing landing I was replaced because they felt I wasn’t being a good team member.
“I was upset,” he added. “But then I asked Pete [Conrad] and he told me the first rule of being a good team member, and particularly a good team leader, you must admire and care about all the people on your team. He said there are 400,000 people working for NASA who are different from you, but just as dedicated.”