Friday, April 09, 2010

On the cover of the "Rolling Stone" - On my flight back from Orlando, I couldn't help but notice that the former must-read for rock n' roll featured the cast of "Glee" on the cover (with a somewhat lascivious picture of Lea Michele.) If you scroll down and read the comments, this appears to have been the last straw for a lot of RS readers.


And compile another Top Albums of All Time (1967-78) list! said...

OH NOES! The magazine that previously published covers of David Cassidy, the Carpenters, John Denver, Neil Diamond, Mary Tyler Moore, the Village People, Brooke Shields, Darth Vader, Superman, Boy George, Arsenio Hall, Duran Duran, Michael J. Fox, "Beverly Hills 90210," Bart Simpson, Wilson Phillips, Britney Spears, Drew Barrymore, 'N Sync, the Spice Girls, "Gossip Girl," Shania Twain, Ashton Kutcher, Fergie, the Jonas Brothers and "The Hills" has finally betrayed its rock n roll principles!

Quickly, Jann, quickly! The magazine's readability and relevance are in jeopardy! Do another interview with Yoko!

Eric said...

Hey, man, I didn't say *I* had a problem. I like Michele's backside.

Still (as you glancingly note) Rolling Stone has fallen into a predictable cover pattern of: 1) sexy picture, 2) "all time" list, 3) music artist (preferably sexy.) Why not just call yourself "Blender" and be done with it?