Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Bay State standoff

Massachusetts health insurers: "We're going broke because of MassCare, so we're not going to insure anybody anymore"
The standoff between Massachusetts regulators and health insurance companies intensified yesterday, as most insurers stopped offering new coverage to small businesses and individuals, and state officials demanded the insurers post updated rates online and resume offering policies by Friday.


Bram said...

Did they forget to pass a law that insurance companies can't leave the state?

Vermont Woodchuck said...

That's next. Really, what did they think was going to happen? Why buy fire insurance until your house is on fire? Same thing with buying health care insurance, unless and until you need the heart bypass or the gender reassignment.

No rate increase, the Great Insurance Migration commences. As the policies expire, no renewals. Ta-ta!

Anonymous said...

Golly! Now even corporations are Going Galt!

To the naive, this dispute looks a lot like typical negotiating gamesmanship. But that's an illusion! Friends, 'tis the first blow of Medical Ragnarök... and the stakes are nothing less than THE FLICKERING SOUL OF OUR DYING FREEDOM.

aughtSix said...

That's about as close to Directive 10-289 as I've ever seen.

KanamitCare said...


Brian said...

aughtSix, I thought the same thing when I read it.