Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Last minute C-Span update: The Republicans (specifically Judiciary chair Orrin Hatch) have the floor on the Estrada nomination and they're running through all the arguments for Estrada's approval to the D.C. Court of Appeals. As I predicted, just about every other word spoken is "filibuster." "Unprecedented" is popular as is "unfair." The Republicans must smell blood because they're lining up to ask questions of Hatch like: "Are you aware Estrada received a "well qualified" rating from the ABA?" "Yes," replies Hatch "a unanimous well-qualified rating, too!" Stuff like that, so it will be on record. Only a handful of Democrats descended into the lion's den, where Hatch quickly disposed of their carcasses - several times he rose his voice very passionately - he's not going to back down on Estrada.

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