Saturday, January 25, 2003

I know it's a little late to harp on the Washington anti-war protests, but I caught this line from Rep. John Conyers, in a San Francisco Chronicle article:

"The president claims that war is a last resort, but who is he fooling?'' Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich, told demonstrators gathered on the west side of the Capitol. "He can't wait to wage war.''

Suddenly my memory flashed to an episode of "Family Ties" when Alex was traveling to a banking conference with his sexy superior Rebecca and they were forced to share a hotel room due to limited space. At some point, his boss accused Alex of trying to get her in bed and Alex retorted (I'm working from memory here since I couldn't find it on Google): "You got me, Rebecca! The hotel, the conference – all an elaborate ruse! [Opening hotel room door] Ed! Jim! She's on to us! Yeah! We'll try again next year with another girl!"

So, in a similar manner, my response to John Conyers (and many others) would be: "You got us! Me and Andrew Sullivan and George "W" and Karl Rove – we can't WAIT to get this party started! That 12,000 page "report" – WE wrote it! It's a pile of crap! All a clever plot to get Bush re-elected! There is no Iraq!"

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