Monday, July 19, 2021

Defund NPR and the lying liars who work there

Ace: "Taxpayer-Funded State Media NPR: Ben Shapiro's Daily Wire Is "Misinformation" Because It Favors One Political Party."

If I could take a slight diversion, I was listening to NPR this morning and they hosted Senator Amy Klobuchar to talk about the recently-passed voting reform law in Georgia.  And by "talk", I mean "lie":
KLOBUCHAR: This couldn't be more important, Noel. We are seeing, as you just pointed out, nearly 400 bills that have been introduced across the country, a number of them actually signed into law, including this one right here in Georgia, which is Exhibit A - so egregious with the limits it puts on mail-in balloting, on ballot boxes, on no water for voters in line to be given out by nonpartisan volunteers.
And here's my beef with NPR: when they have a conservative on the air, they are constantly challenged by NPR hosts but when there's a liberal like Klobuchar on, she is allowed to make these provably false statements without a hint of pushback.  This goes on at NPR all the time.  

Here are the facts on the Georgia voting law:

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