Wednesday, March 24, 2021

The buck stops elsewhere

Fox News: "Biden says migrant surge at southern border started under Trump."

He certain learned this technique at the feet of the master.  


Anonymous said...

You can't honestly be this butt-sore. You've got to be kidding.

Actual Trump quote to reporters: "The buck stops with everybody."

Actual Trump quote to reporters: “When I took over our military, we did not have ammunition. I was told by a top general, maybe the top of them all, ‘Sir, I’m sorry sir, we don’t have ammunition.’ I said, ‘I will never let that happen to another president.‘”

Also Trump: “We were in a position where with a certain country — I won’t say which one — we may have had conflict. And [General Mattis] said to me, ‘Sir, if you could, delay it, because we’re very low on ammunition.’ And I said, ‘You know what, general, I never want to hear that again from another general.’”

(We can assume that Mattis, a very strong man, had tears in his eyes.)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Nearly every Trump quote FELT like a "Duh," that's true.

But I'm not sure he ever literally said "Duh."