Monday, March 01, 2021

That escalated quickly

Wow, this whole Andrew Cuomo scandal is blowing up and his support is drying up.  Today's news: "NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo accused by third woman of unwanted sexual advances."

Frankly, I thought Cuomo would ride it out but suddenly the long knives are out.


Anonymous said...

Do conservatives realize what an indictment the Andrew Cuomo story is for them?

As negative COVID information and contrary facts came to light, the same “liberal apologist media” that lionized and over-celebrated Cuomo reported the new facts squarely, with the same vigor.

As harassment allegations mounted against Cuomo, the Democrats turned against him.

At the same time, the media and the dolt cult that exalts Donald Trump never has reevaluated its support, despite Trump's far greater and more grotesque failures. And they never will.

Roger Bournival said...

...despite Trump's far greater and more grotesque failures.

Name two of them.

Anonymous said...

Just two? Gee, that's a super tough homework assignment, Professor.

Roger Bournival said...

Since it's taken you over five hours to provide examples, I'll agree with you!

Anonymous said...

Amazingly, Roger still hasn't noticed that I treat his various fatuous "challenges" with precisely the seriousness they deserve. Proving Trump was a horrendous president is as hard as showing your work to justify the claim that Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is tall.

You'd think he would treat me a little better, too, after I gallantly saved him from his own idiocy by rejecting his foolhardy battleground state election bet. Imagine Roger having to pay up for losing Georgia!

He'd rather relitigate Trump's shameful COVID response, or his tear-gassing American citizens, because the point of the first post can't be diverted into the weeds. Conservatives are sorely incriminated by the media's aggressive negative coverage of dreamboat Andrew Cuomo, because of their own blockheaded indifference to each and every Trump fiasco.

The treasonous Trump army has been unable to match the media's intellectual fair play, starting with General "Stormin' Moron" Bournival.

Anonymous said...

So basically Roger challenged you and you replied with your usual nonsense that only you think is clever.

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