Monday, August 24, 2020

That's for turning into Exxon oil!

 Twitchy: "Rioters in Kenosha topple statue of slave-owning dinosaur, also damage charter school, post office, library." 

That dinosaur had it coming. 


Roger Bournival said...

Just walk away, mate...

Anonymous said...

Did somebody say Exxon Oil?

2011: Exxon is the world's biggest company

2020: Exxon is kicked out of the Dow

Well, well. Government subsidizing of green energy companies has made our country safer, cleaner, richer and stronger, just as liberals said it would. But some will go to their graves still believing in the SOLYNDRA! SOLYNDRA! hoax.

Eric said...

Virtually no oil is used in electricity generation. They are completely different energy fields.

Sailboats are not replacing container ships.

Anonymous said...

OK, so being dumped from the Dow is a good thing. Phew!