Friday, July 12, 2019

Vice deporter in chief

Joe Biden on immigration policy: "To compare him to what this guy is doing is absolutely, I find close to immoral."

Yeah!  Nobody deports illegals like Joe and his buddy Barack!
Joe Biden has had a two-word retort to recent questions about his record on civil rights and race: Barack Obama.

But when it comes to Latinos and immigration, Biden is learning that the Obama defense doesn’t do the trick: The former Democratic administration’s mass deportations of 3 million people provoked fear and fury in the community at the time, and the bad taste has lingered even with Donald Trump in the White House.
In fact, the Obama-Biden team deported illegals at twice the rate of Trump today.  Joe is right: there's no comparison.

Update - Politico tonight: "Protesters rail against Biden on deportations."  Check this out: "I will not apologize for deportation if the person committed a felony,” Biden told the protesters."  That is such weak tea, Sleepy Joe.

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