Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Good review of Barr's testimony

This was supposed to be a budget meeting but, of course, it turned to Russia!  Via Ace: "Most Important Take-Aways from AG Barr's Testimony This Morning."  This one is good:
5, when Democrats whined that there's no way that a human could read 300-400 pages of a report (much of which was merely transcripts of testimony which can be skimmed) in a few days, he rebutted that he already knew the general contours of the report because he had been given a preliminary briefing on the findings of no collusion, no obstruction on March 5th.
So Saint Mueller gave Barr a heads-up on the non-charges, allowed Barr to use his conclusions in the summary memo, and is helping with the redactions.

That's how deep the conspiracy goes.

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