Monday, April 15, 2019

Bernie on Fox News for town hall meeting

Ya gotta give the guy props for showing up on Fox News when the other Democrats run scared.  It was clearly a friendly crowd and Sanders couldn't help but take some gratuitous shots at Fox.  That aside, his performance was lackluster - if not bizarre - for a guy who's been in politics for so long.

Shorter Sanders:
1) An issue is raised
2) Bernie: "I'll tell you what I wouldn't do.  I wouldn't do whatever Trump's doing on this issue."
3) Yeah, so what would you do as President?
4) Bernie: Complete nutcase answer

The immigration question was completely predictable and his big idea was better tents.  On the Green New Deal, Martha MacCallum asked a very good question about why it eschews nuclear power which is a reliable energy source that produces no greenhouse gases.  Bernie just deflected with some weird story about how Burlington, Vermont converted to all renewable energy (mostly from burning wood).  On Medicare for All, he just lied about the cost and the ability to see any doctor you want.  His closing statement was essentially "do you want lots of stuff paid for by somebody else?"

The crowd did.

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