Friday, August 17, 2018

She must be fun at parties

Look up "overwrought" in the dictionary:
The Trump presidency is a time of too many horrors — everything is a distraction from everything else, because it all matters. To some extent we can rely on the division of labor. There’s a reason I didn’t spend the last week writing about deportations and asylum-seekers; there are immigration lawyers and reporters for that. But that also means holding onto a level of humility about the vastness of what we don’t have time to see in full.
Can America survive after wandering through the smoky, apocalyptic landscape that Trump has left behind with his tax cuts and withdrawal from the Paris Accords?  We must soldier on.


Roger Bournival said...

Don't forget that we're all dead because Trump repealed 'net neutrality'!

Anonymous said...

The folks who've howled and yowled about one socialist Representative-to-be and the "Benghazi cover-up" are now calling out what they perceive as the neurotic overreactions of others.


Eric said...

Then we lost our minds and marched through the land, wearing female genitalia hats on our heads.

Robert Fisk said...

"howled and yowled about one socialist Representative-to-be"

Your overwrought nature is showing. That howling and yowling is actually unrestrained, tear-drenched laughter.

But thanks for the neurotic overreaction.