Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Nuts on the left

Federalist: "Guess What, Brian Schatz? There’s Plenty Of Crazy To Go Around - The idea that one side has all the nuts is absurd. In many ways, our political insanity is symbiotic."
The Hawaii senator’s tweet is fine example of an entrenched self-delusion that infects many on the Left, where all activists cheerily bat ideas about carbon neutrality back and forth but never, ever try to assassinate the entire congressional Republican leadership on a baseball diamond in Alexandria.

For folks like Schatz, the Republican booing of an activist journalist at a political rally tells us everything we need to know about the nefarious underbelly of the Right, but the Women’s March—wherein participants wear p-ssy hats as a form of protest (not crazy at all)—which is led by anti-Semites, conspiracy theorists, and extremists, simply reflects the passion and seriousness of the progressive Left.  This is how it goes.
That's right: the Trump fans called Jim Acosta bad names.  It was horrible.


Anonymous said...

The basic premise has merit. But those head-to-head behavioral comparisons would have to be twice as smart to be retarded.

Carelessly demonizing the First Amendment while wearing a red hat is sort of bad (maybe, it's not clear), but wearing a pink wool pussy hat is deranged!

A writer who thinks that a single gun nut casts unspecified doubt on global climate activism might not be the ideal guy to point at the crazies.

Roger Bournival said...

Carelessly demonizing the First Amendment

...and you have evidence to back that up, bunky? That, and being critical of the press are two different things. The First Amendment does not absolve the press from criticism.

Robert Fisk said...

So the self-delusion that "this is not a thing on the left" is indeed entrenched.

Eric said...

"Carelessly demonizing the First Amendment while wearing a red hat is sort of bad"

What? Is this because I don't want to pay for something?