Friday, May 24, 2013

Terrific me and those awful others

We're heard this before and the link on Real Clear Politics read "The Ad Hominem Presidency" but here's Charles Krauthammer detailing how Obama's habit of vilifying all who disagree with him has sent a message to the acolytes in his administration:
It’s not unlawful to run an ad hominem presidency. It’s merely shameful. The great rhetorical specialty of this president has been his unrelenting attribution of bad faith to those who disagree with him. He acts on principle; they from the basest of instincts.
Well then, why not harass them? Why not ask the content of their prayers? Why not read their e-mail? Why not give them especially horrible customer service?
This is why the guy can't get anything done unless he has a filibuster-proof majority: he refuses to parlay with those misguided souls who can't acknowledge his own wonderful-ness, the puppy-kickers.

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