Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Media becomes the story and must cover itself

Oh, that's a deft double-entendre.  This past weekend, I wondered if the trajectory of media coverage on Benghazi meant that even the most die-hard bastions of Obama-cheerleading would have to do some actual reporting or risk losing all credibility.  Now even the ombudsman for the NY Times has said "enough".  TimesWatch: "NY Times public editor: Soft IRS, Benghazi coverage, lends credence to conservative criticism":
Many on the right – as noted last week in my blog posts about Benghazi – do not think they can get a fair shake from The Times. This coverage won’t do anything to dispel that belief.
No....kidding, Sherlock.  I've pretty much stopped reading anything linked to the Times because their editorial page is indistinguishable from White House press releases.  Now that Associated Press reporters have been wire-tapped by the Justice Department, will they stop doodling "I heart Obama" in their notebooks?  Stay tuned to the Internet.

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