Friday, August 20, 2010

Social Security roundup

There have been some interesting developments this week, so let's review. First of all, President Obama was in Ohio fielding questions including a fat pitch on Social Security's future. Here's how the non-partisan web site FactCheck characterized his comments in "Obama's (latest) Social Security whopper"

We find the President's claim to be mostly false.
And they flashed back to the 2008 election:

Back then, Obama waited until less than two months before Election Day to make his distorted Social Security claims. This time he’s starting earlier.
Well, desperate times and all.

Meanwhile, US News writer Brandon Greife notes: "With very little fanfare Social Security turned 75 last week. Sadly, I seriously question whether it will be around for my 75th birthday." Keith Hennessey sees a "coming Democratic split on Social Security." Forbes writes: "At 75, Social Security isn't aging well." Veronique DeRugy has a good graph showing the explosion in entitlement spending. The Wall Street Journal reports that the White House commission on the deficit is set to recommend a compromise on Social Security's fiscal future and Hit and Run wonders if the AARP is on board.

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