Thursday, December 17, 2009

Monopoly money

Former Senator Phil Gramm used to have what he called the "Dickie Flatt" test: he would ask himself if a certain government expenditure was worth taking a dollar from his friend's wallet. I don't think anybody in the Obama White House has any clue or compunction about where the money comes from: "U.S. ready to join $100 billion climate aid fund."

Sure, why not? Throw it on the pile.

Extra - Deep impact.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, that populist Phil Gramm was the quintessential protector of the little guy.

Anonymous said...

And N.Y. Senator Chuck Schumer says he's got an imaginary middle class family called "Joe and Eileen Bailey," whose interests he's always looking out for.

If you swallow one homespun hunk of horsesh##, you gotta swallow them all.