Saturday, December 12, 2009

A different strategy - Economics professor Greg Mankiw notes in the NY Times: "Tax cuts might accomplish what spending hasn't." Do you know who was a big fan of this concept before she joined the Obama White House? Chairwoman of the Council of Economic Advisors Christina Romer. Maybe she could share her research with her boss.


Anonymous said...

Yes, Greg Mankiw - who just one election cycle ago celebrated the overseas outsourcing of jobs as being an economic boon for America - is now very sincerely concerned about the unexpectedly high and persistent unemployment rate. Golly! Who knew!?!

For commentary by someone who doesn't believe that all roads lead to Damascus and that all crises lead to cutting taxes, try this evenhanded piece by Nate Silver:

Anonymous said...

Even better, here's Nate Silver directly critiquing Mankiw's column. Some of the reader comments are interesting, too: