Sunday, September 27, 2009

Amazing Race update – What? It's on tonight?

Honest to heaven, I didn't know the 15th season of the Emmy-winning (every time) Amazing Race started tonight until I got the Sunday paper. Why does CBS do this?

Well, here's the super-quick update: twelve teams started out in Los Angeles but – right at the starting line – they had to complete a task before moving on. One team failed and then there were eleven. Didn't even get to leave the city: somebody has a rendezvous with Fail Blog.

Teams went to Tokyo to appear on a Japanese game show. Essentially, they had to eat a "wasabi bomb" which is very hot and spicy. Teams left in sequence to go to a Shinto shrine. The next day, they flew to Vietnam where they had to put mud around a tree and then herd up some ducks. The forgettable team finished last, and I forgot them already.

Some interesting teams this season:
One guy who has Asperger syndrome and his buddy.
A really good-looking Christian couple who have not given in to their impulses yet.
Two female professional poker players.
Harlem Globetrotters "Flight Time" and "Big Easy."
Montana father/son farmers Gary & Matt who won the first leg thanks to their duck-herding skills.

Extra - Pat has a longer update with "We're racing again!"

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Pat said...

Hi Eric, after a few seasons of missing TAR, I decided to get back into watching and blogging the show. I too did not know this was going to be on until suddenly I heard Phil's voice introing the new season.

Incidentally, one of the poker players is Tiffany Michelle, who was the last woman in the 2008 World Series of Poker Main Event. She was definitely a "personality" in that tournament and was featured heavily in the ESPN coverage, although she ticked off most viewers near the end when she called clock during a hand in which she was not involved.

The Asperger's syndrome guy did great in the duck-herding contest and probably won my vote by giving his jacket to a Vietnamese peasant he met on the bus.

Pat from Brainster's Blog.