Thursday, March 26, 2009

A (small) opening for Republicans in Massachusetts

The Bay State has had a long string of Republican governors, possibly because many citizens view a GOP executive as the only check on an overwhelmingly Democratic Beacon Hill. Now that Governor Deval Patrick's poll numbers are way down, maybe a Republican candidate can bring sanity back to the Massachusetts government:

A wave of voter disgust at business as usual on Beacon Hill has swamped Gov. Deval Patrick, dealing the first-term governor a devastating credibility blow that leaves his re-election hopes shaken, a new 7News poll has found.

Only 34 percent of those surveyed in the poll conducted for 7News by Suffolk University say the governor deserves re-election, while a stunning 47 percent say it is “time to elect someone else.”
Less Big Dig and cronyism, more Yankee fiduciary common sense.

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