Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Out-of-control spending - Harvard professor Greg Mankiw on government spending as a percentage of GDP: "To this day, we have yet to come to grips with how to pay for all the government created during [the post World War II era] - a problem that will become acute as more baby boomers retire and start collecting the benefits promised."  That sounds familiar.


Anonymous said...

I'd rather hear an economic analysis from the first name in the Boston phone book.

Anonymous said...

You mean Aaron Aaronson? The guy who prepared Tim Geitner's federal tax returns for the last ten years?

Lefty-douchebag fail.

Anonymous said...

What's the word in the current Troll Glossary for "someone who gets their rump whipped bloody by lefty-douchebags"?

And, fail? Really, "fail"? It's 2009, and you're going with "fail"? When did you first meet the internet, yesterday? I wonder what your next explosion of wit will be: "pwned" or "thanks for playing"?

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Pay no attention to your disappearing life savings and the collapsing economy, America! Look at Rush Limbaugh! Look at him! He's saying something!

And what about Michael Steele? Let's talk about him for a while, because republicans control nothing and democrats only control the white house & both houses of congress!

And then there's Ann Coulter! Isn't she awful?!?

Kleptocrats: creamed in 2010, 2012 & beyond...

Anonymous said...

Kleptocratic Congress:
Favorable rating 46, Unfavorable 45 (*Daily Kos/Research 2000 poll)

Republican Saviors of Goodness Congress:
Favorable rating 17, Unfavorable 68 (*ditto)

The Scumbagjustawfulocrats' negatives are weighted by the south (30-59). In the east, west, and north, the numbers are 53 favorable, 39 unfavorable. Outside of the south, the Republicans score an encouraging 11-74.

The Daily Kos poll numbers actually put the best face on the Republicans' plight. ABC/WaPo has Socialistdevilmonsterocratic Congressional support at 50%, Gallup has it at 47, and Fox News has it at 46.

Americans ARE paying attention; that's your dilemma. Whining and wailing about the distracting emphasis on Reverend Wrigh... I mean, William Ayer... I mean, Rush Limbaugh only makes your side look more hobbled than it already is. When you guys laugh at "I want Obama to fail," America assumes it's because you'd like to have some company.

You've got a regional party, joker. And *2010* is your estimated turnaround date? Hee, hee, I wish you tremendous luck with that.

Anonymous said...

We don't need to want Obama to fail. His hacks in treasury are taking care off that right now.

And *2010* is your estimated turnaround date?

Yes. 18 Months of excrutiating economic failure, obscene unemployment and inflation should do the trick. You can keep your 'luck'; it's poison.

Anonymous said...

Your bitterness oozes off the screen. And for you conservatives, 2010 is going to be what "2010" the movie was: a disappointing sequel.

But please, continue to post more adorable predictions of victory and ideological redemption. Ignore the upcoming slate of Senate races; YOUR vision of the future is sure to come true, because after all, America Is A Center-Right Country™.

Anonymous said...

Mr. 2010's opinion about the future might be more compelling, if the conservatives had gotten one prediction right in recent years. I wish Bill Kristol gave weekly football picks, so I could get rich betting the opposite.