Monday, November 06, 2006

Evans and Novak on the Show Me state Senate race

The ancient Washington insiders are predicting a pickup of 19 seats in the House and just two (2) seats in the Senate for the Democrats. Read this extensive analysis for all the details. This breakdown of the Talent-McCaskill race in Missouri is worth a glance:

The x-factor, which we believe will cut decisively in Talent's favor, is Amendment 2, the cloning and stem-cell amendment on the ballot. Whether it succeeds or fails, the balloting on Amendment 2 will be very close, and its opponents are much more motivated to vote than its supporters. More people may vote for it, but few will go out specifically to vote for it. Its presence on the ballot can only help Talent in a race that promises to come down to a few thousand votes. Leaning Republican Retention.
They also note that Talent’s get-out-the-vote campaign started ahead of McCaskill’s and it’s better organized.

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