Wednesday, November 01, 2006

All eyes on Kerry

Theory: John Kerry planned the “botched joke.”

Try this on for size: Kerry made his “gaffe” with the certain expectation that the White House would respond. In his counter-response, the Senator gained the opportunity to flash his veteran status while highlighting the lack of experience by his opponents. I think Kerry further believed that by standing up to the White House, it would burnish his credentials among the left-wing of the Party as a “fighter.” It’s a win-win for Kerry who would dominate the news cycle heading into the midterm elections.

The problem is that Americans didn’t think the joke was so obvious (just like an Aaron Sorkin script) and resented Kerry’s elitist implication that we commoners couldn’t understand his intention. When Democrats across the country looked at the overnight poll numbers, the house of cards came down.

How can a semi-intelligent politician make such a disastrous miscalculation? Almost certainly it’s because John Kerry’s self-regard knows no bounds. Here’s a guy who has produced almost nothing after two decades in the Senate, yet believed he should be commander-in-chief based on five months in Vietnam. When the mask slips, it reveals Kerry’s elitism and disdain for those of us without yachts. Here’s a blast from the past with P.J. O’Rourke: “Kerry loves the mainstream media…and has contempt for the American people.”

Addressing the audience of tame Democrats, Kerry explained his defeat. "There has been," he said, "a profound and negative change in the relationship of America's media with the American people. . . . If 77 percent of the people who voted for George Bush on Election Day believed weapons of mass destruction had been found in Iraq--as they did--and 77 percent of the people who voted for him believed that Saddam Hussein was responsible for 9/11--as they did--then something has happened in the way in which we are talking to each other and who is arbitrating the truth in American politics. . . . When fear is dominating the discussion and when there are false choices presented and there is no arbitrator, we have a problem."

America is not doctrinaire. It's hard for an American politician to come up with an ideological position that is permanently unforgivable. Henry Wallace never quite managed, or George Wallace either. But Kerry's done it. American free speech needs to be submitted to arbitration because Americans aren't smart enough to have a First Amendment, and you can tell this is so, because Americans weren't smart enough to vote for John Kerry.
Kerry tried to ride the fightin’ Dems into the midterms and come out the other side as the presumptive nominee for 2008. Instead, he eradicated his own presidential aspirations, motivated the conservative base, and possibly tipped Congress to GOP control in the midterms. Snap.

Update – Kerry sends out a new “apology” via his web site. What, no press conference?


Anonymous said...

Do I really have to look at his apology today?

Tomorrow he will revoke the apology.

Saturday he will re-invoke his apology...

He was against the apology before he was for it.

Anonymous said...

Hey, now there's an unexpected punchline!

So this is what we've come down to... Republicans pretending to be too stupid to understand Kerry's simple insult, so that they can further pretend he insulted soldiers by calling them stupid. And then the media stupidly discusses whether voters will be stupid enough to change their vote. And Kerry issues a pretend apology, which suddenly no one's stupid enough to swallow.

On second thought, it's a marvelous encapsulation of the process.

Anonymous said...

This fake brouhaha all adds up to, "Hey, remember that sad sack we were able to beat?" It's pitiful short term nostalgia.