Wednesday, March 08, 2006

There will be no veto – Because even Republicans are eager to override the port deal: “The House Appropriations Committee passed an amendment to attach to a $92 billion emergency supplemental funding measure for hurricane recovery and wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The committee vote was 62-2.”


Anonymous said...

Tsk, tsk... 62/64ths of all that wonderful political capital, gone already?

It needs to be asked again. When was George W. Bush's last good day?

Anonymous said...

The best day was the crushing defeat of Kerry on Nov 2nd of last year with pickups in both houses of congress. Since then, the elections in Iraq and the monthly economic figures seem like good candidates.


Anonymous said...

This whole thing is just the penultimate stupidity. The Congress of this great country has simply lost it's collective and individual mind. This is one of the rare occasions when are actually responding to their constituency, but rather than trying to learn and then educate their constituents about the TRUTH of this deal they have caved in to hysteria.

This is all about an anti-Muslim hysteria. Now I agree that Americans are probably rightly fed up with the irrational behavior of Muslims, but of all the things we could have chosen to express our revulsion why this deal? The Congress has now put an almost immutable nail in the coffin of this deal without ANY thought to the ramifications. They claim that this has to do with port is foreign hands, not Arabs or Muslims. What do they plan to do about the port terminal facilities that are managed by Red Chinese? The Saudis? The Danes (Maersk), the Norwegians? They want these terminal facilites managed by US companies --- but what if there are no US companies interested? What do they do then?

What about all the companies that currently do this work? Many of them are actually joint ventures with US and foreign companies?

Stupid and irrational, but then again it is Congress.

Anonymous said...

(Mostly) agreed, John, but Bush reaped major dividends from his "you're either with us or against us" shtick. Now he's stuck with his own cartoon logic.

It's the same reason Bush's flacks are still floating his foolish veto threat. All this guy has left is his "I'm decisive, I ignore the polls, I'm steadfast" act.

Toby's 100% right in nominating the crushing defeat. Not so right about the monthly economic figures that aren't entirely credible, and in any event aren't boosting public confidence. Not right at all about the arbitrary elections that served as the trigger to civil war. There are thousands of fingers in the air today in Baghdad, but they're not purple and they're one over from the index finger.

Anonymous said...

wvwv, it's probably a waste of time and energy to try to reason with you, but please allow me to point out some of the logical sloppiness (and eye-rolling silliness) of some of the points you are trying to make:

1) Bush's political capital isn't 62/64ths gone. That was only the vote in a congressional committee, on one issue, the vote being motivated by irrational political fear.

2) Even if he hasn't had a single "good" day, in your judgment, since whenever, that doesn't mean his policies are bad. You should stop fretting over whether his days are good or not.

3) Re: the first paragraph in your second post, remember, it is Bush who is favoring the deal with the Arabs.

4) Please explain why the monthly economic figures aren't credible (are they part of a conspiracy?); if the public isn't confident, then in large part that is because they receive their news through the anti-Bush media filter). There was a poll recently in which a large plurality of the respondents thought we were in a recession. WTF?

5) The Iraqi elections weren't "arbitrary" and they haven't triggered a civil war (only in your fevered imagination). Also, couldn't this imaginary civil war have been triggered by the Islamic attack on that Shi'ite mosque?

wvwv, you're not makin' sense.