Thursday, December 15, 2005

Inconveniencing the caribou

George Will writes about the unserious debate over ANWR and the collectivist cult of environmentalism in “Our fake drilling debate”:

Nevertheless, opponents say the environmental cost is too high for what the ineffable John Kerry calls "a few drops of oil." Some drops. The estimated 10.4 billion barrels of recoverable oil -- such estimates frequently underestimate actual yields -- could supply all the oil needs of Kerry's Massachusetts for 75 years.
Here in Massachusetts, a group called Cape Wind has been trying for years to erect a series of wind turbines off Martha’s Vineyard. However, they’ve been blocked by legal maneuvers, tacitly approved by John Kerry and Ted Kennedy, who don’t want the “aesthetic quality” of the Bay affected. If you’re not going to make even the slightest concession for even alternative energy sources, how can we have an honest debate about the black liquid that drives our economy? Every barrel of oil that is produced in Alaska is one fewer barrel we have to buy from the Saudis or crazy Hugo Chavez.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, its all like that treaty we signed not to exploit Antartica for its resources. Absurd. Nothing lives there (off the coastal plain), Nothing will every live there. No one visits. I have no reason to believe that Antartica exists except by others report. If ever a continent cried out for rape and pillage, its Antartica.

ANWAR is similiar but not as severe. I think that every member of Congress should go on a junket to the proposed drilling area in the 'pristine wilderness' of the north coast of Alaska. Once in January and again in July. Then let them vote.


Anonymous said...

Regarding that 'aesthetic quality': I saw a report (possibly by the cape wind guys, can't remember) showing just how much of the towers would be visible from the kennedy compound.

At the horizon, the towers would stick up about 1/2".

Didn't realize that Ted was so sensitive...