Sunday, April 10, 2005

Hancock Park Elementary scoops gossip mags, MSM

From the NY Post’s Page Six:

A fourth-grader at Hancock Park Elementary School in Los Angeles was able to do what no seasoned journalist has in recent weeks — score an exclusive interview with Britney Spears on the state of her marriage to Kevin Federline. When 10-year-old Veronica You read that the pop star was staying at the L'Merigot Hotel in Santa Monica, Calif., a few weeks ago, she slipped a note under Spears' door asking for an interview for her school paper — and Spears herself called, telling the tyke to "ask anything you want." Among her revelations, Britney told her that the best thing about her marriage to Federline was "just having somebody that always has your back no matter what. No matter what goes wrong, somebody is there for you." Although Spears wouldn't confirm if she was pregnant, she did say she wanted a baby soon — and didn't care if it was a boy or a girl. Young You told PAGE SIX that Spears was "super sweet" and when her cellphone accidentally cut out, the star even called right back and apologized. As we've reported, there are lots of rumors of strife between the newlyweds.
This was followed immediately by an angry article from David Shaw, denouncing Veronica You as “unschooled in First Amendment issues” and “not a real journalist…like me.”

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