Thursday, April 28, 2005

The Gore-bot speaks

Here’s the keyword rundown:

“partisan” – 5
“extremist” – 7
“danger/dangerous” – 6
“right-wing” – 4
“religious/religiosity” – 10
“zealous/zealots” – 4
“lust” – 2

Al Gore apparently missed the irony of speaking before MoveOn and starting his oration with a re-hash of the 2000 election.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see Gore V. Kerry in the the Iowa Casucus.

Dusty said...

I haven't seen this good a job of cherry picking thoughts to weave doom and gloom into a nakedly partisan speech since, since, .... since the last time Gore gave a speech.

"So, it is not as a Democrat but as an American, that I appeal today ...", my eye. Dr. Sanity's The Paranoid Style fits Gore to a tee.

Anonymous said...

Roper = 1
Ebert = 0

Anonymous said...

Now THERE'S one idiot who should have a gig on Airhead America!