Friday, May 26, 2017

"The decision is ridiculous"

Powerline: "The 4th Circuit's travel ban decision: an affront to the rule of law."  "For a court to say that a presidential order may or may not be constitutional depending on who the president is–constitutional if issued by a Democrat, unconstitutional if by a Republican–is the ultimate repudiation of the rule of law."

Extra - Byron York: "The majority's decision, as laid out by Gregory, suggests a mind-bending possibility: If the Trump executive order, every single word of it, were issued by another president who had not made such statements on the campaign trail, the court would find it constitutional."

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Glub glub said...

The best part of the second article is the appearance by America's old friend John Yoo. Yoo is unhappy to see partisan preference extralegally elevated above a straightforward textual reading of the law, as well as long-settled conventions.