Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Out of the blue

NY Times: "F.B.I. Director James Comey Is Fired by Trump."

Everybody's trying to figure out what's going on.  The general feeling is that this was a long time coming because of the way Comey handled the Clinton email investigation:
Mr. Comey broke with longstanding tradition and policies by discussing the case and chastising the Democratic presidential nominee’s “careless” handling of classified information. Then, in the campaign’s final days, Mr. Comey announced that the F.B.I. was reopening the case, a move that earned him widespread criticism.
Of course, the usual suspects are calling this a purge to throw off the Russia probe.  As Charles Krauthammer noted, it took a Democrat less than an hour to make a "Saturday Night Massacre" reference.

Update - Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein lays out the case.


Anonymous said...

Of course, the usual suspects also have memories longer than a hummingbird's. The usual suspects recognize that Trump is now claiming to have fired Comey for his handling of the Hillary email investigation -- an action Trump had previously celebrated: "It took a lot of guts."

It's been almost two years of this. Anyone who assumes the next Donald Trump statement is true is a sorry stooge.

Anonymous said...

As Charles Krauthammer noted, it took a Democrat less than an hour to make a "Saturday Night Massacre" reference.

And as a much younger Charles Krauthammer said in January 2016, only a "squashed" Hillary Clinton indictment would properly deserve comparison to a "Saturday Night Massacre."

Eric said...

I don't follow. Was Krauthammer saying that if the Obama Justice Department squashed an indictment recommendation by the FBI, there would be a massacre? Or that would be the "massacre"?

Anonymous said...

Charles Krauthammer said that if James Comey recommended an indictment of Hillary Clinton but the Justice Department decided not to indict, it would spark mass resignations, just like the 1973 Saturday Night Massacre.


A year and change later, Krauthammer has the subsequent knowledge that Comey did not recommend indicting Clinton. But he now scoffs at the idea that a President firing the man investigating the President and his team -- which, unlike Krauthammer's 2016 three-stage hypothetical, is something that has actually occurred -- bears any resemblance to such an analogy.

The latter, Krauthammer blames on partisan thinking.