Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Sunshine is the best disinfectant

The Corner: "Republicans should want the Russia 2016 story out in the open."  "For Republicans outside the Administration, especially on Capitol Hill, the overriding imperative right now should be to flush as much as possible about Russia and the 2016 election out into the open as soon as possible, while pushing the White House to line up a long-term, trustworthy replacement for Comey quickly."

It's a disservice to the new Administration and downright cruel to the Democrats' conspiracy wing to drag this out.  It's been almost a year and there's nothing tying Trump to Putin, a point recently reiterated by James Clapper.  Let's have it out.


Anonymous said...

Oh yes, it is so cruel to tease those delusional TDS types.

And yet, the one man who would benefit most from getting the Russia hoax behind us is the same man who's been interfering with, impeding and complicating the swift, dull investigation and dismissal of this complete nothingburger. How odd.

Eric said...

Chuck Schumer?