Saturday, May 20, 2017

Look, I don't like the guy either

This is a post I can get behind, over at Legal Insurrection: "Please stop making me defend Trump."
This is not a new observation by any means. It was almost as bad in favor of candidate Obama in 2008, but a slobbering lovefest was far different a media trying to bring down a presidency without a single shred of substantive evidence to date.
Every major media outlet is breathless with "impeachment" with the outrage meter cranked to 11.  I fear there's going to be a lot of disappointment for these critics, starting with Comey's testimony.


Anonymous said...

Some of my best friends are concerns about Trump.

John The River said...

What's not to love about President Trump; (real) economy up, illegal immigration (way) down, hundreds of billions slashed from Federal spending, Supreme Court saved...

I'm going to save a lot of money this summer since I will NOT go to any movie involving any a**hole that has been shooting their mouth off about President Trump.

Anonymous said...

Economy is starting slow under Trump, but still in good shape:

Despite tough talk and more arrests, deportations slow under Trump:

And of course, Trump hasn't "slashed" spending since budgets don't take effect the minute they're passed, let alone when they're proposed, let alone when they're proposed and are "dead on arrival":

The Supreme Court, now that's legitimately a gigantic feather in Trump's cap since we all know that President Cruz or Kasich or Jeb would have nominated Bernie Sanders or Samantha Bee.

But at least the box office for Dinesh D'Souza's next big screen blockbuster is guaranteed to go up by $15. Oh, who are we kidding? $6, with the senior discount.

Good post.