Saturday, May 13, 2017

Message discipline and lack thereof

Politico: "Trump stokes fears of how he'd handle real crisis - After chaotic, self-inflicted week many fear chaos Trump can't control."

I cannot imagine how this White House could have handled the firing of James Comey in a more inept manner.  There was no unified message and when it looks like one is about to coalesce, Trump comes out and contradicts everybody, while inviting charges of obstruction of justice.  His Twitter feed is one grenade tossed after another.

The White House staff should secretly replace his Twitter account with a dummy Twitter that sends his tweets nowhere.  It's the same strategy that Ryan used to protect the world from Creed Thoughts:


Anonymous said...

It's unlikely that Trump understands, or that all his "best people" want to teach him, that his handling of the Comey firing this week significantly diminishes the prospects of completing healthcare legislation within the budget cycle. Prospects which weren't great to begin with, but are even further uphill now. Which, in turn, torpedoes tax reform.

There will be further times to come when Mr. Armada Steaming to North Korea will have political need for believability and credibility.

But he's making the moonbats' heads go all splodey-boom-boom, so that's kind of an achievement, and well worth wrecking the party for.

Roger Bournival said...

...significantly diminishes the prospects of completing healthcare legislation within the budget cycle.

Whatever Trump does or doesn't do will have zero effect on tax cuts / repealing Obamacare when you realize Ryan & McConnell have zero interest in either issue.

Anonymous said...

After telling its base that it needed to take back the House to advance its agenda, the GOP switched the call to "we also need the Senate," and then, "we also need the White House." A rhetorical rallying cry of several years duration.

With that accomplished, it sounds like all the Republican Party needs now is to control the House, the Senate and the White House.

Anonymous said...

Trump can't win. Let's here how you'd have handled it skippy.

Anonymous said...

Trump can't win.

Sounds like someone's already "tired of winning," after just four months. Low stamina!